Regenerative Medicine Utrecht

Crossing frontiers at Utrecht Life Sciences

RM Utrecht Book 2014

Regenerative Medicine in Utrecht represents the journey from the lab bench to patient therapy. It holds much promise for customized therapies, which are based on an individual’s unique genetic blueprint. In order to harness this potential of finding the right treatment for individual human and animal patients, we’ve initiated a program, called Regenerative Medicine Utrecht (RMU), to converge our strengths in this field: (1) fundamental science, especially stem cell and developmental biology; (2) new technologies, such as bioprinting and innovative imaging techniques; and (3) clinical application, in the form of new treatment modalities, novel drugs and alternative approaches.

RM Utrecht Book 2014 COLOFON



This publication aims to give you an overview of regenerative medicine, from bench-to-bedside, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This diverse community cultivates a culture of innovation and excellence, inspiring talented scientists and clinicians. Most importantly, our efforts focus on translating biomedical research into clinical benefit for our patients and society.